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Summer steelhead are nomadic fish. Once the fishery has been stocked, we never knows if, where or exactly when they will decide to appear. Lake Michigan steelhead spend most of their life exploring the open waters of Lake Michigan, eating bugs and unsuspecting bait fish off the surface across thousands of feet of blue water in the middle of nowhere.

Then these same steelheads will surprising dart for the shallows towards the middle of the summer fishing season -- quite a long time before most winter running fish dare consider it. Yes, the one thing that is predictable about these steelheads is when they do appear off natal pierheads and river mouths, it never takes but a couple days for the word to reach the masses and for "Skamania Mania" to automatically become the hottest topic on the shores.

YThe earliest roots of the Lake Michigan summertime steelhead program goes back to the stockings made by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) back in 1970's. Those earliest stockings were the same Skamania strain of summer running steelhead, which will undoubtedly migrate into streams during the summer and earliest days of fall. Indiana typically stocks over of 250,000 Skamania steelhead, with our home port of St. Joseph River getting the bulk of these popular fish.

Russ Clark knows a few things about catching Steelhead on Lake Michigan with close to 3 decades of year-round fishing on his boat Sea Hawk. Click here to visit his site and learn more about booking your own Steelhead Charter.

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