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Sea Hawk Coho Charter
Coho Salmon Charters

Fishing Coho on Lake Michigan
& charter trips out of the port of St. Joseph

Coho Salmon Charters

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Lake Michigan Coho Salmon is of two available salmon species to show up in fishable numbers each spring. Sea Hawk usually will start running Coho fishing charters near the beginning of April in the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Ports in Indiana, Illinois and and our home port of St. Joseph, Michigan are your best bet to get an early start. We oftern are within reach of reac of early season limits on these trips.

Early Spring Cohos in the can usually range from 2-5 pounds. One reason they tend to be smaller is because their life cycle in the big lake is about 1.5 years max. Our Lake Michigan cohos are stocked as 1.5 year olds. After stocking they spend 1 or 2 summers in the lake before returning up the St. Joseph River to spawn and die off.

You will find on our fishing charters is that these coho lack in size they definitely make up for in aggression. These cohos off the shore of St. Joseph, Michigan are the most aggressive fish in the lake. These fish show no fear of the boat and love to take lures a few feet down right in the prop wash.

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