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michigan honey for sale  Bee Happy Honey Farm apiary produces all natural honey and other bee products. These products come from the wild flowers of Southwest Michigan and blossoms from fruits and vegetables. The honey is warmed and filtered but never heated.

We produce the finest grade of Michigan wild flower honey. It is pure honey; warmed and filtered but not heated. We also produce beeswax. Specialty honey products packed: Creme honey, unfiltered raw honey.


1.5 LBS $5.00
5.0 LBS $20.0
(available for pickup or shipping)

FREE DELIVERY of Orders of $20.00 or More in Benton Harbor/ Saint Joseph and Surrounding Areas.  

You can find farms producing honey & honey products all over Michigan and get a whole lot more honey recipes from Bee Happy Honey of the lower southwest michigan region. Paul DePeal is an expert beeman with years of bee experience, and pollination projects check out his recent article on michigan beekeepers

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