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Ed Bagatini and the

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Select from a Trio to an 11 piece band!
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(269) 983-1872

"People are talking about the 'Bones' "

    ED BAGATINI and THE DYNABONES, started in 1994, is a Southwestern Michigan jazz/swing ensemble consists of enthusiastic area musicians featuring a trombone, guitar, bass, and drums.

    The emphasis is on SWING! ... the best music of the big band era featuring an in-depth library of special arrangements by Ed Bagatini for trombones and a rhythm section.

    Performances are many ... ranging from worship services to jazz concerts in the park, art centers and other venues. Also available for any type of reception (or wedding ceremony), THE DYNABONES thrive on good sounds and subtle harmonies.

    THE DYNABONE'S plans for the future are positive and dedicated to the advancement of trombone ensemble playing.

For booking information, call Ed Bagatini at 269-983-1872 or 983-6063, or email:                                               bagatini@juno.com


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