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Heaven Scent - Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Heaven Scent Professional Carpet Cleaning -
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Commercial, Residential, Boat, Auto carpet cleaning by professionals

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Dirt is an abrasive, and it can cut into the carpet fibers and shorten the life expectancy of your carpet. While vacuuming helps, it is not enough. The longer you wait, the more permanent your traffic patterns will become and the more damage you do to your carpet.

Carpet is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, germs and allergens. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will keep your family healthy, and reduce the amounts of allergens in the air.

Carpet manufactures recommend that your carpet be professionally steam cleaned twice a year. In some cases, you may have the need for more frequent cleaning. This is fine and will not damage your carpet.

Our certified technicians have years of knowledge and experience and will provide you with the utmost professional service. Should you have the unfortunate event of fire or water damage, we will be quick to respond to your emergency and will provide you with professional restoration services.

We look forward to providing you with the finest in cleaning & restoration services. Call or email today for a free estimate.

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Service Location: Serving Berrien County, Southwest Michigan and surrounding Areas

Payment Address: 5001 Carmody Rd Coloma, MI 49038

Phone 1: 269.468.7080
Phone 2: 269.876.2968

Hours: Always Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Web address: www.heavenscentwaterdamage.com

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