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Bee Packages

Bee Day is SPRING 2020!!!!

Where to Buy Honey Bees in the
Midwest this Year?

King Nuc of Course!

We are excited to again make this possible in 2020. Beekeeping is a productive past time known especially across the midwest United States as a hard working contributor to all the fruits and many of the locally grown vegetables we eat. In order to keep our Annual Bee Day going we require a deposit on all your package purchases in the amount of $87.50 per package.

We also have an offer for keepers buying more than 10. The special this year is 1 free package.

This years bee's are looking forward to Being picked up by you around the middle of April, though since we are working to get you the very strongest bees possible for 2020 it is possible the supply will go a little later into the spring. In that case, we will buzzy you weekly and daily with updates leading right up to the Pickup Time and Exact Pickup Instructions. But don't wait until Spring because we cannot order more than have been pre-ordered by you. We are all working together to make Bee Day another success but it takes massive cooperation by everyone and we are excited to see many people placing orders again for April/.

Send your $87.50 deposit (for each package being reserved) to our Address with your name and contact informatin. The entire Bee Team look forward to hearing from you. PS. Don't Worry. Bee Ready.

Midwest Bees for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin Beekeepers


  1. Please consider what type of vehicle you will pick up the bees in. There sometimes are hitchhiker bees on the outside of the nuc boxes and a few sometimes find a way outside the box. It might give you concern while driving a car full of bees inside flying about.
  2. Bees will need cool air because they could very easily overheat in the trunk of your car.
  3. Please pay when served. Cash is best, checks are acceptable but no credit cards accepted.
  4. Pickup times are from 7:00AM to 3PM or by special appointment but I might want to go fishing.
  5. Have your equipment ready. We do not sell bee equipment. Call Mann lake bee supplies they can help and have free shipping. Wish I was getting something for this plug
  6. Read the free Bee Culture magazine (it’s a courtesy back issue) then subscribe.
  7. Consider joining a bee club or association.
  8. Don’t think all you need to do us set up the hive- you also need to learn, & study. Believe it or not the bees don’t do all the work.
  9. Don’t stop at the shopping mall on the way home. The bees will be waiting to get out of that box.
  10. Don’t think you will make a lot of money doing this because most don’t.
  11. It’s up to you and your bees, I can’t make any promises.
  12. Mite treatment this fall is important especially when you open the hive boxes next spring.
  13. Simple directions are provided.
  14. Have fun and enjoy the experience, rinse, repeat

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