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Bee Day is Scheduled for Friday and Sat

Friday after 12noon and Sat 8am - 4pm

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Bee Packages Only - Mail your Deposits
$175 when you place your order now
($87.50 Deposit Per Package ordered - Non Refundable)

As you probably understand we are talking orders for 3lb Italian honey bee packages with mated Italian queen. These honey bee packages come from southern Georgia. We are not selling Nucs at this time . The pickup date is scheduled for Saturday Memorial day weekend 2019. This is a tentative date and subject to rain delays. The price per package is $175. In order to reserve packages please mail a check for $87.50 to the address on the website which is my home and the pick-up location. PLEASE include your contact information (Name, address, phone number and email address).

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8368 S. Scottdale Rd, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103
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Your Friendly Source for Spring Michigan Honey Bee Packages. For Sale at Our Annual Bee Day and Buy Our Bees. But first....

A word from our little sponsors. Honeybees are our world's top-notch pollinator, and due to the amazing fact that they can be easily transported and carefully handled, they are a very affordable way to increase yield of your vegetable, berry, fruit and blooming plant crops. Years of experience with deformed fruit, lower than expected yields, and now/no-grade produce can be depressing. Don't Worry Bee Happy. Lack of local bees are often the result of flowers that fail to make fruit. Getting your own Bee Hive going on your land can really brighten things up. Buy one, two, three or more bee packages and turn them into your own local michigan hives.

Are your ready for your 2019 Honeybee Package?

Are your ready for your 2019 Honeybee Package? Our Bee Day in Southwest Michigan will be this . The price of the 3lb Italian bee package with mated queen is $175. You must pre-order with a Deposit for beepackages.

"Looking to buy a Spring 2019 Bee Package?!?! Call Now "
- Paul DePeal, Beekeeper

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Michigan Honey Bee Packages for Sale

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