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Hear directly from our customers on Why King Nuc Packages and Bee Nucs are hard working, high-producing bee hives and the specific reason why buying From King Nuc is worth every penny...

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Hi PAUL, The bee packages i bought, those bees are very good workers i get 5gl of honey! One of my family members is going to call you for bees. Thank you....

J.L. from Glendale Heights, IL

I was very impressed. I bought two from you and two from XXXX Apiary. Yours were much livelier out of the box. The difference was amazing. I do want to order two more this year. I put yours in some top bar hives that are hard to get to so I don't know how they are doing. I am pretty sure I have already lost one of the two from Rossman so I need to replace that. I have a deep super and parts to make one more Langstroth hive as well. So I know I can use 2. If this severe weather causes me to lose more I would be interested in additional hives....

C.H. from Gobles, MI

Picked up my package of bees and installed them on Friday. Happy to say they are sticking around and when I peeked in the window (on the other side), they had already built 2-3 combs. Will open it up and check it all out today!

T.L from SW Michigan

Wow! They are fast! At least 4 large ones and a starter bar. Day 6.

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