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The cost of the Bee Packages for the 2019 season is $175
($87.50 Deposit Per Package)

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We are a bee supplier in Michiana. We sell healthy bee packages to people all across the Midwest.

There is a little misinformation about keeping your own bee hive and how to start so let's first clear that up as best we can.

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 A Nuc (sounds like nuk), is a nuclear hive. It is four or five frames from a working hive including a queen.

A Nuc is 4 or 5 frames from an existing hive. It is a colony that had been working well for a time and the bees know and are related to their queen by the time you buy it. The frames contain honey and pollen and eggs and larva. The frames were pulled from a working hive. This is the nucleus of a hive. If you feed the bees and keep them happy, they already have a good start and will stand a better chance of success than a common package. Which is usually when the bees are grabbed from an existing hive and the queen is breed separately and not be related to the hive. A different story there.  

bees for sale Your King Honey Bee Nuc comes in a nuc box. Specifically, our Nucs are sold in a durable cardboard hive. The cardboard nuc boxes cost less than a traditional wooden box but with no significant or immediate negative effects. You can of course upgrade to wooden nuc box which is a bit more of an investment, but these are workable, but small, hive boxes.



bee package suppliers Why we're different? First off, many bee suppliers do not always carry nucs and they cost more to start and sell at this time. The package bees most people are buying come from huge bee breeding farms in the south. These Michigan Nucs on the other hand, are coming from successful local beekeeper who is producing the "King Nucs" to help spread the beekeeping experience. We have a passion for Michigan Honey Bees and we want to share it.

Package bees are cheap and easy and are usually successful, but come later in the spring and don’t start really working until the summer, which is long after the first spring honey season. You have to feed and care for Package Bees. They might need a gallon or more of sugar a day for the first month. Nucs need feeding, but are also out working the flowers right away

Now is the time to invest in a low cost, deep 5 frame honey bee box, with superior or high grade queen bee genetics for the optimal bee colony.

Our community beekeeper in Wine country of Southwest Michigan. Call ahead.  

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