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Our service is built around the idea that our customers (small business owners) are busy but love smart tools that make them more successful and generate more business quickly. Our features are provided at different service levels. While other agencies charge you by the hour or project, GOSWM provides a valuable features at each level of service at one low price.

Search Traffic
Being at the top of search engines is critical to your business. It can mean the difference betwen people finding you or your competition. Being on top when people are looking for your product or service means this prospects are not calling on your competitors first. The results of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reflects our knowledge and our continual effort to build content and keyword pages to keep your business traffic up. We have a 10-year history of focusing on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for our customers. See what some of our customers have to say on our customers testimonials page

New Leads
As people are searching on Google. We make it super simple for these prospective customers to find your pages directly and contact you. It sounds easy but for most small business websites to compete with the national directories this is nearly impossible. The trend is definitely not favoring the small business owner in the face of stiff competition. We built our own system to manage your leads efficiently.

Business Photos
Having pictures of your business storefront and pictures of the human personal can increase customer response to local businesses. New customers want to see the products, services and the people and places they are planning to shop with. Although it is a digital communication, having very descriptive and brilliant photography is a key pieces of turning leads into customers.

Ad Creation & Distribution
We create beautiful ads for print and web and will distribute them to any of hundreds of channels each for a fixed price for you. Never heard of Reddit. No problem. Interested in Running your Ads on popular Facebook pages and Google networks? We have the right solution for you. No problem. Click here to see some multi-functional ad examples.

Facebook Integration
We make it super easy for people to like your business off your GOSWM pages. We also have an announcement tab we can add so people can see your post and offers on your pages. We have been able to help businesses add hundreds of new likes by just giving shoppers another place to like your business from. We also share your post and offers via our Go St. Joe Michigan page. To learn more about that service, click here.

Analytic Reports
Our customers are regularly amazed at the detailed reports we provide annually. For example we can show you what words people typed into the search engine to find their business. We provide comprehensive and more frequent automated reporting so you can use these keywords on your own website as well as see where your visitors are finding you from and what products and services of yours they are most interested in. We measure everything at GOSWM and the reports show you how this can help your business.

GoSWM loves to link and drive real visitors to your website. We are not a middle-man website in that we do not share leads or try to get in the way of your customers, your transactions or your personal information. In fact, we provide an excellent service for your business and simply get out of the way. If you have a decent or better website, we recommend you keep it. If you do not, or your current solution is costing you thousands you might not really need the expense of a website solution. At the very least you should try us first. GoSWM.com pages often work better than a "new" website at bringing you quality traffic and real customers. We know it is much cheaper solution off the bat.

Thanks for learning about some of GoSWM.com many features. Give us a call to Add Your Business and start generating new leads for your products and services.

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