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Reach More Customers
With Your Facebook Offers

Tap into our audience of 10,000+ locals and visitors who Like our Go St. Joe Michigan page by letting us promote your offers. Wondering how it works? Let's get this explained!

How It Works
We Share your offers to our audience of people who follow St. Joe on Facebook. This is the technique many successful business page owners in St. Joseph are using locally on Facebook and now you can do this as well.

Who's Doing It?
Many business can benefit from this offering including restaurants, shops, hotels, and local services too. Business you may recognize like Holiday Inn Express, DK Boutique, Caleb Noonan Photography, Silver Beach Hotel, Edgewater Giftsare all already customers and love the awareness and additional Likes what we are generating for their business.

How Much Does It Cost?
We will Re-Share At Least 3 of your offers or posts over the course of a year for a flat rate of 250.00. This service allows us to spend time and money directly promoting your business in a way you may not know existed or how to effectively execute. We have studied the best practices and are delivering a great service at a low rate.

Who We Are
The Marketing Team at GoSWM works out of Southwest Michigan area, with our Headquarters on Mall Drive in Benton Harbor. We have been building online marketing solutions for hundreds of businesses in the St. Joe area since 2002.

Should You Do It Now...
Facebook has never been so popular and it's is an amazing place to reach new customers but it can be difficult to get thousands of people to view on your posts without a page with thousands of visitors. Having the right people working with you, sharing your posts, and giving you tips on Facebook success will give you the advantage you need. So if you want to get more Likes and get immediate attention from more people seeing your announcements and offers you need to sign up for this service.

Sign Up Now or Call us Anytime - (269) 849-9160
Please call us with any questions about this service. We do limit the number of businesses we promote in each category (such as Dining, Shopping, Lodging, etc) so waiting could be a disadvantage! We hope to have all the slots for 2015 booked by January 31, 2015.